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(updated since 2010; retrospective content sections were removed due to exceeding the limit allowed by the rules).

The site materials include ( in addition to information about my articles and books) abstracts of current foreign publications, which in recent years have been devoted to the following three topical topics:
Improvement of methods and means of ensuring the competitiveness of entrepreneurship;
Improving the reliability of legal protection of innovations in the digital environment;
Modern methods and means of information and analytical support of the above tasks.

Last year  the site was enriched by a  more detailed consideration of using artificial intelligence technologies  to improve the efficiency of the IP system by solving the most pressing problems it faces. Some of these problems were addressed in my last article “Invasion of  Artificial Intelligence Into the Intellectual Property System” (published in the journal “Patents and Licenses. Intellectual Rights”, No. 5/2020). It explores the possibilities of using artificial intelligence in the intellectual property system with the aim of: a) ensuring equal opportunities for access to its resources by eliminating language barriers; b) a radical increase in the efficiency of the intellectual property system by using artificial intelligence technologies; c) ensuring their reliable legal protection.

Sections of the site

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News – short messages about site problems

Section 1. “Abstracts from current foreign publications” (regularly updated news on major or interesting events in the world of IP from the websites of patent offices and other IP organizations, including publications from the press and news agencies) includes 4 subsections:

- In the world of intellectual property:

-Innovations and intellectual property: “: abstracts devoted to the study of the possibilities of patent information support of innovative processes.

-Patent Information Resources: The latest news on the development of web-based patent information search and analysis tools

-Analytical potential of patent information: annotations of publications on patent information, analysis of competitors’ activities, improvement of corporate IP asset management, development of strategies for the effective use of IP in the innovation process in order to ensure sustainable competitive advantages of the company.

Section 2. “Abstract and full texts of some of my journal articles published in 2008-2019. The four subsections contain articles on the following topics

- Intellectual property and innovation

- Intellectual property and competition

- Development of patent information services

-History of the formation of the patent information system

Section 3. “Annotations and table of contents of my books” published in 2002-2013:
-Patent and information support for innovations in 2013

-Protection of the corporate brand on the Internet (co-author A.S. Zhukov) 2011

- Patent and information support for the competitiveness of entrepreneurship in 2007

-Intellectual resources of competitive intelligence (co-author Obrezanov S.A.) – 2004

- Competitiveness of Entrepreneurship and Competitive Intelligence (co-author S.A. Obrezanov) 2002

- Protection of patents and copyrights in cyberspace-2002.

Section 4. Complete bibliography of my publications since 1962 until now

General characteristics of my half-century work in the patent information system (There is a misprint in the text of this section: the magazine “Patent Information Today” began to be published not in 2010, but in 2000)

Brief personal data.